What the Bible Teaches About Marriage (Selvaggio)

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There is no question that our world today suffers from high divorce rates, rampant sexual promiscuity and a free and easy attitude to relationships. While we can blame the presence of sin as a reason for this, it does not wholly explain why many Christians seem to struggle with the same sexual and marital problems as the world.

In the belief that this is partly due to the failure of the church to instruct its people about the true nature of redeemed relationships, Anthony Selvaggio takes a thoroughly biblical and immensely practical look at the topics of human sexuality, romance and marriage, as they are revealed in the Song of Songs. It is his desire that marriages will be restored and enriched as we examine this picture of the divine love of God expressed in the greatest love of all, the Lord Jesus Christ.




"In What the Bible teaches about marriage Anthony Selvaggio blends biblical-theological insight with pastoral wisdom to produce an unusual and illumining “marriage manual”. He grounds down-to-earth, contemporary, heart-searching advice to engaged and married couples not only in the human affection and passion celebrated in the Song of Songs, but also in the history-long courtship of Christ and his Bride, showing that through the reconciling, transforming grace of our heavenly Bridegroom our marriages can beautifully foreshadow NOW the final consummation of his love for his church at the great Wedding for which our hearts yearn." - Dr Dennis E. Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary, California, USA