What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him (Yawn)

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Harvest House Publishers

A powerful and compelling new voice in Christian publishing, with a message urgently needed by today’s Christian men.

Every man encounters significant struggles in life—struggles that result in poor choices and decisions. Frequently these mistakes can be traced back to a common problem—a father who (even unintentionally) failed to provide counsel or a positive role model.

In What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him, author Byron Yawn offers vital input many men wished they had received during their growing-up years. This collection of 30 simple principles will help men to...

  • Identify and fill the gaps that occurred in their upbringing
  • Benefit from the hard-earned wisdom of others so they don’t make mistakes
  • Prepare their own sons for the difficult challenges of life

The 30 principles in this book are based in Scripture and relevant to every man. They include affection, courage, balance, consistency, and more. A true must-read!

Table of Contents:

  1. The Space Where a Dad Should Be
  2. Grace: Never Move Beyond the Gospel
  3. Masculinity: Manhood Is Knowing Where the Plunger Is
  4. Affection: “I Love You, Son”
  5. Ambition: Never Choose Not to Succeed
  6. Sincerity: It’s the Why that Matters Most
  7. Accountability: You Are Not Your Own Best Counselor
  8. Confidence: Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  9. Marriage: It Comes with a Basin and an Apron
  10. Wives: Don’t Live in Fear of Your Wife; Lead Her
  11. Sin: Die to Self Upside Down
  12. Sex: It Is Not Evil
  13. Pornography: Hugh Hefner Will Die Alone
  14. Eternity: Live Urgently
  15. Consistency: Learn to Plod
  16. Thinking: If You Lower the Standards, You Can Reach Them Every Time
  17. Work: It’s a Means and Not an End
  18. Integrity: Be the Man They Think You Are 



Byron Yawn is the senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee and a much-sought speaker. His book Well-Driven Nails received much positive acclaim from prominent ministers, including John MacArthur and Steven Lawson. Byron has MDiv and DMin degrees from The Master’s Seminary, is married to Robin, and has three children.



“Boys don’t become men when they reach a certain age or accomplish a particular task.  Boys become men when they start living out the godly masculine attributes Byron Yawn points us to in this needed book.  Fathers who are raising sons to be men will find help here.  So will all of us who are still striving to be the men God has made us to be.”Bob Lepine, Co-Host, FamilyLife Today