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Wesley and the Men Who Followed (Murray)

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John Wesley- Oxford don and itinerant preacher, intellectual and evangelist, author and man of action, upholder of the Church of England yet founder of another world-wide denomination, disagreeing with George Whitefield, yet preaching his funeral sermon-truly a many-sided man. It is not wonder that he has had many biographers. Most books on Wesley have concentrated on his leading role in the Evangelical Revival. Wesley and Men Who Followed is more concerned with the spiritual explanation of a movement which, far from dwindling at his death, increased in momentum, breadth and transforming power. Drawing from original and often little-known Methodist sources, Iain Murray’s thrilling study leads to conclusions that are of great relevance for the contemporary church.

‘Was John Wesley deceived? Have our hymn-writers been deceived in their immortal songs? Was Saul of Tarsus deceived? Have we all been deceived?’ So wrote one unhappy modern Methodist. The evidence Iain Murray provides demonstrates that this was not the case. The result is that Wesley and Men Who Followed points to the key to the recovery of authentic Christianity today.

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Table of Contents:

Part One: Wesley 

From Oxford Don to Open-Air Preacher

‘Kingdoms on a Blaze’

Understanding Wesley’s Thought

The Collision with Calvinism

The Leader

Part Two: Men Who Followed 

William Bramwell: Friendship with God

Gideon Ouseley: Methodism in Ireland

Thomas Collins: the Spirit of English Methodism

Part Three: Against Unquestioning Following 


Christian Perfection 

Part Four: Methodism, with and without the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit and Scripture



Iain Hamish Murray, born in Lancashire, England, in 1931, was educated at Wallasey Grammar School and King William’s College in the Isle of Man (1945-49). From 1956 he was for three years assistant to Dr Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel and there, with the late Jack Cullum, founded the Banner of Truth Trust in 1957. He left Westminster in 1961 for a nine-year pastorate at Grove Chapel, Camberwell. With the world-wide expansion of the Trust, Iain Murray became engaged full-time in its ministry from 1969 until 1981 when he responded to a call from St Giles Presbyterian Church, Sydney, Australia. Now based again in the UK, he and Jean live in Edinburgh. 



"Thrilling history and biography, the bringing to light of forgotten men of extraordinary faith and energy for Christ; shrewd analysis; challenge to the contemporary church. Wesley and Men Who Followed has it all. I enjoyed it greatly – a breath of spiritually fresh air and vitality comes through wonderfully. I found it uplifting, challenging and gratitude-creating – and a great read." – SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON