We Became Men: The Journey Into Manhood (Brower)

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Life is a journey of risk and revelation, but most young men have never been invited to step out of their comfort zones to discover who they are, what they should pursue, and who they can become. This book affirms young men, empowering them to pursue manhood from a biblical perspective. Filled with gripping true stories and insights, this invitation to the journey gives clear vision and direction in vital areas such as performance, temptations, relationships, idols, boredom, and more. As young men courageously share and give of their lives, they will feel more free and more alive than they ever could have imagined.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Base Camp

1. Stay Home?

2. Trail Stories

Part 2: The Journey Begins

3. The Trail Guide

4. Joined by a Band of Brothers

5. The Wrong Trail

6. Standing at the Trailhead

7. Backcountry Adventures

Part 3: Essential Trail Conversations

8. Position versus Performance

9. What’s in Your Backyard?

10. Just Before the Fall

11. No Paybacks?

12. Entertain Me – NOW!

13. Flaming Darts

14. The Daughters of Eve

Part 4: Moving Toward the Summit

15. An Invitation to Lead

16. Preparing for the Next Expedition 



Shawn Brower has a doctorate in educational leadership and is a multiple state-championship-winning soccer coach. He is the high school principal of Chattanooga Christian School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.



"A wise guidebook that you'll want to pick up, read, and use whetehr you are a young man looking for sage counsel or someone older looking to influence the emerging generation." - John Stonestreet, Executive Director, Summit Ministries; Director of Strategic Partnerships, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

"Shawn Brower knows young men. Athletic coach extraordinaire, he gets inside their heads and inside their hearts. In WE BECAME MEN, young men will be challenged to step up to the plate of their calling, to press onward toward the goal of their purpose in life, and to run the race set before them and already accomplished through the triumph of their gracious Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. Here’s the perfect gift for every teen, young man." - Douglas Bond, author of a number of books for young people, including STAND FAST In the Way of Truth, and HOLD FAST, In a Broken World.