USED- Forgive! As the Lord Forgave You (Morison) -USED

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Sometimes granting forgiveness seems out of the question- you've been betrayed by a friend, hurt by your spouse, maligned by your boss, or offended by someone in your church. You find yourself saying things like:

  • Sure I'll forgive him, but not until I've made my point.
  • Why should I let her off the hook? She doesn't deserve forgiveness.
  • I'd like to forgive him, but I just hurt too much inside.
  • Forgive? Not after all the things he's done!

Patrick H Morison approaches the issue from a different perspective: What does the Bible say about forgiveness? What are the benefits of forgiving others or the consequences of refusing to grant forgiveness? By shedding light on six aspects of the forgiving process, Pastor Morison shows vividly what forgiveness involves and how crucial a forgiving spirit is to our walk with God and our relationships with others.


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