USED- Abraham Kuyper Meditation/Devotional Set, 6 volumes (Kuyper) -USED

Eerdmans / Macmillan
  • Eerdmans, Macmillan, 6 hardcover volumes, various dates
  • Includes the following  
    • His Decease at Jerusalem: Meditations on the Passion and Death of Our Lord
    • Asleep in Jesus: Meditations: Meditations on Death
    • When Thou Sittest in Thine House: Meditations on Family Life 
    • In the Shadow of Death: Meditations on Sickness and Affliction
    • To Be Near Unto God: Meditations on Ps. 73
    • Keep Thy Solemn Feasts: Meditations on Christmas, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Old & New Year
  • One of three sets we put together during almost 40 years of bookselling. We have this set and one other left.
  • Note that 5 volumes are from Eerdmans, and To Be Near unto God is from Macmillan
  • All bindings solid; all no marks in text; 5 with name(s), one of those with the name blacked out