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Unity of the Church (Westminster Discount) (M'Crie)

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Unity, schisms, realignment, ecclesiastical mergers, fraternal relations: these are topics of frequent discussion among contemporary Presbyterians. Yet, "there is nothing new under the sun;" and the subject of church unity is covered in a masterful fashion by Thomas M'Crie (1772-1835), the prominent Scottish Presbyterian pastor and biographer of John Knox.

M'Crie's book is written with a strong pastoral outlook. It is not a lofty tome hurled down from above by ivory-tower theologians or church bureaucrats Rather, M'Crie speaks eloquently to Christians who are troubled by the present disarray in the Church. He fully appreciates the biblical obligation to to seek unity. Yet, he also recognizes that it is folly to construct a superficial union which sacrifices truth and purity on the altar of expediency.

M'Crie wrestles with questions often posed by Christians troubled dissension in the Church:

  • Why does God allow divisions in the Church?
  • What are the real causes of disunity in the Church?
  • What measures can be taken to promote genuine unity?
  • In what ways does God promise, in the Scriptures, to restore harmony in the church?
  • How are revival and reformation related to ecclesiastical unity?
  • What characteristics must mark all our attempts to form acceptable ecclesiastical mergers?

Moreover, the Church in M'Crie's day was divided by different opinions as the proper relationship between Church and State. In an appendix to his book, M'Crie gives an explanation and defense of the original position of the Westminster Confession respecting the role of the civil magistrate.

The Unity of the Church was originally published in 1821, and subsequently became quite scarce. This reprint has been newly typeset using contemporary spelling and punctuation. It includes a scripture index, a detailed table of contents (which serves as a good outline to the book), and an extra appendix with a letter by Dr. M'Crie on the subject of ecclesiastical mergers.


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