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Ultimate Questions (KJV) - 25 Pack (Blanchard)

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Evangelical Press
Paperback (Booklet)

Health, finance, family, the future — life is full of questions.

There are deeper questions, too. 

  • Who am I Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?
  • Does life have any purpose?

But the ultimate questions are about God. 

  • Does he exist?
  • What is he like?
  • Can I know him and experience his power in my life?
  • And if so, how?

This booklet tackles these vital questions head-on — and answers them simply, clearly and directly. Read it carefully. It could change your life — for ever.



John Blanchard is an internationally-known Christian author, teacher and conference speaker. He received an award for his best-selling book Does God Believe in Atheists? as the best UK Christian Book for 2001. He is also the author of Evolution: Fact or Fiction?, Has Science Got Rid of God?, How to Enjoy your Bible, Is God Past his Sell-by Date?, Meet the Real Jesus, Read Mark Learn, Truth for Life, Ultimate Questions, Whatever Happened to Hell?, Where is God when things go wrong?, Where was God on September 11? and Why Believe the Bible?