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Turning on the Light: Discovering the Riches of God's Word (Ruvolo)

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We love to receive letters from friends, but there is one letter that is the greatest treasure of all. It’s the letter from our Father—the one he wrote to tell us about his love for us, his plans for us, and his requirements for us.

Carol Ruvolo helps us to engage God’s Letter with our best effort, and that means “serious Bible study.” She shows us the:

  • Prerequisites: having an accurate view of the Letter and having an accurate view of ourselves
  • Techniques: accurately observing what the Letter says, responsibly interpreting what the Letter means, and meaningfully applying the Letter’s teachings to our lives
  • Goals: becoming conformed to the image of our Lord Jesus Christ, glorying our heavenly Father, and learning to do the work our Father prepared for us to do



“Excellent! . . . deeply God-centered, theologically profound, and very, very practical.” — James M. Boice

“A strong equipping resource for Christians who are serious about Bible study. Anyone who completes this book will know how to study and apply Scripture effectively.” — Sharon W. Betters

Turning on the Light is a refreshing approach to studying God’s Word. . . . The book will prove especially beneficial in group sessions. . . . It establishes an admirable format and model for the rest of the series.” — D. James Kennedy