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Thoughts on Public Prayer (Miller)

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Unless I mistake, I have observed, from time to time, facts in regard to public prayer which satisfied me that there was a call for special counsel on the subject. It has even occurred to me to doubt whether the well known doctrine of our beloved Church, with regard of Liturgies, may not have been so rightly interpreted, and so unskillfully applied, as to lead to practical misapprehension and mischief in regard to the devotional part of the service of our sanctuaries.

I hope, in the following pages to satisfy every impartial reader, that public prayer is not only a divinely prescribed, but an unspeakably important ordinance; and that both the nature and the means of excellence in the dispensation of this ordinance, are such as not only to admit, but to demand appropriate study, and careful moral and mental culture.  - Samuel Miller



Table of Contents:

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Miller

1. Introductory Remarks

2. History of Public Prayer

                Praying Toward the East

                Prayers for the Dead

                Prayers to the Saints, and to the Virgin Mary

                Prayers in an Unknown Tongue

                Response in Public Prayer

                Posture in Public Prayer

3. The Claims of Liturgies

4. Frequent Faults of Public Prayer

5. Characteristics of a Good Public Prayer

6. The Best Means of Attaining Excellence in Conducting Public Prayer



Samuel Miller (1769-1850) was a Presbyterian theologian who taught at Princeton Theological Seminary.