Thomas Shepard: Pilgrim Father and Founder of Harvard (Whyte)

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When I first read Alexander Whyte's book on Thomas Shepard some thirty years ago, I was frequently moved to tears. Whyte selects a number of individual and experimental statements from Shepard's writings and meditates on them in the most moving manner, persuading the reader of the heinousness of sin, the depravity of our heart, and the riches and glory of Christ Jesus. This is one of the most spiritual books I have ever read. It is convicting, humbling, uplifting, and enlarging all at once, moving the soul near to God through Word-centered, Spirit-empowered truth. Read one chapter an evening. Meditate on it; pray over it. Let it penetrate your inmost being. ~ Joel R. Beeke

Table of Contents

  1. Introductory
  2. Introductory: Evangelical
  3. Introductory: Experimental
  4. ‘No One Who Ever Came Under My Shadow Prospered’
  5. ‘The More I Do the Worse I am’
  6. ‘It is Sometimes so with me That I will Rather Die than Pray’
  7. ‘My Own idle words in my Preaching, in my Praise, and in my Prayer, and the Account I give of them to God’
  8. ‘I did not Remember the Sins of my Youth; nay, the sins of one day I forgot the next day’
  9. ‘I learned from the Apostle how to Compare Spiritual Things with Spiritual’
  10. ‘I cam to See How God is Having His Name in Me’
  11. ‘For thy Sake am I Killed All the Day Long, I am Accounted as a Sheep for the Slaughter’
  12. ‘I kept a Private Fast for the Conquest of my Pride’
  13. ‘The Thought of my Fast-Coming Death Often Makes me Very Unhappy’
  14. ‘My Sins are Sometimes Crucified but They are Never in This World Mortified’
  15. ‘I was Salted with Suffering’
  16. ‘Bring Forth the Best Robe and Put it on Him’
  17. ‘Fiat Experimentum In Corpore Vili’
  18. ‘Pectus Facit Theologum’
  19. ‘I Abhor Myself’
  20. ‘My Mind is a Bucket Without a Bottom;
  21. ‘You Ask me What Cured me of Being an Infidel’
  22. ‘Thou art my Hiding Place’
  23. ‘Some Remorse of an Old Minister’
  24. ‘When I Read Christ Prays’
  25. ‘Surely I have Laid my Pipe far Short of the Fountain’ 



Alexander White (1836-1921) served as minister of the famous Free St. George's Church, Edinburgh, for forty-six years, and as principal of New College, Edinburgh, for nine years. A prolific author, with a profound sense of sin, he is often described as "the last of the Puritans."