Theology on Fire: Sermons from the Heart of J.A. Alexander, Vol. 2 (Alexander)

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J. A. Alexander (1809-1860) is known mostly for his academic career at Princeton Theological Seminary and for his commentaries. This collection of sermons shows Alexander to be a wonderfully pastorally-minded scholar. Twenty-two of his sermons are published here for the first time in more than a century, all based on sound, reverential exegesis of the biblical text.

"In the death of Joseph Addison Alexander we have lost our great glory and defense. Permit me to express my own individual convictions. I regard Dr. Joseph Addison Alexander as incomparably the greatest man I ever knew--as incomparably the greatest man our church has ever produced. His thorough orthodoxy, his fervent piety, humility, faithfulness in the discharge of his duties, and reverence for the Word of God, consecrated all his other gifts. He glorified the Word of God in the sight of his pupils beyond what any man I ever saw had the power of doing." - Charles Hodge



Joseph A. Alexander (1809-1860) was the third son of Archibald Alexander. From 1830 to 1833 he was adjunct professor of ancient languages and literature at the College of New Jersey, and then moved to Princeton Theological Seminary as an assistant to Charles Hodge, professor of oriental and biblical literature. In 1838 Alexander became associate professor, and succeeded Hodge in that chair in 1840. He transferred in 1851 to the chair of biblical and ecclesiastical history, and in 1859 to that of Hellenistic and New Testament literature until his death.



"Beyond question Joseph Addison Alexander was one of his era's most learned popular preachers and one of its most pastorally-minded scholars. The sermons he preached in Princeton, New York City, and other venues during the antebellum period remain challenging and edifying reading to this day." - Mark Noll, Wheaton College 

"The four editions of this work published in the 1860s demonstrate the usefulness of this great Princetonian's preaching. Yet today there are just a few score of libraries holding copies of this vital work, and none to be found on the used market. In this very welcome reprint, Solid Ground Christian Books continues its service to the Church." - Wayne Sparkman, Director, PCA Historical Center