Theology of the English Reformers (Westminster Discount) (Hughes)

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In preparation of this volume, Dr. Hughes has filled a long-standing need, producing within the compass of a single book a compendium of the teaching of the English Reformers on the important themes of Holy Scripture, Justification, Sanctification, Preaching and Worship, Ministry, Sacraments, and Church and State. His aim throughout has been to let the Reformers speak for themselves, and this has necessarily involved the careful selection and organization of passages from a vast amount of resource material. The result is a book which will be invaluable as a work of reference not only to serious students of theology of the 16th century, but also to the busy clergyman and interested layman who is looking for a manageable and reliable guide in this important doctrinal field. They will find that in this book they are brought into close touch with the minds and personalities of those great Christian leaders of four hundred years ago, such as William Tyndale, Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, and John Jewel, to whom all subsequent generations have owed so much.


Philip Edgcumbe Hughes served as Vice Principal of Tyndale Hall, Secretary of the Church Society, and as visiting Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. His publications include Theology of the English Reformers, Commentary on II Corinthians, But for the Grace of God, and Confirmation in the Church Today.