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The Writings of John Calvin, Expanded Edition (de Greef)

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Westminster John Knox Press

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Product Description

An indispensable resource for the study of John Calvin, this book guides readers through the many writings of the great Genevan reformer. In this new, expanded edition Wulfert de Greef explores the historical background of Calvin’s writings while providing helpful insights into the individual texts themselves. A biography of Calvin, which focuses on the main events and the people with whom he dealt, is an added feature of this highly useful reference work.


Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of Calvin’s Life
  2. First Publications
  3. Calvin and the Bible
  4. Building Up the Church
  5. Debating with Roman Catholics
  6. Debating with Other Movements and Individuals
  7. Striving for Unity and the Ensuing Debate
  8. The Institutes
  9. Miscellaneous Publications
  10. Letters



Wulfert de Greef heads an organization to promote Reformation studies in the Netherlands. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Utrecht.




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