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The Works of Robert Traill, 2 Volume Set

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Friend‌ of‌ William‌ Guthrie‌ of‌ ‌Fenwick,‌ attendant‌ of‌ James‌ Guthrie‌ of‌ Stirling‌ on‌ the‌ scaffold,‌ son‌ of‌ the‌ Greyfriars‌ Church‌ manse‌ where‌ the‌ 1638‌ National‌ Covenant‌ was‌ signed,‌ Scot‌ ordained‌ in‌ England,‌ exile‌ in‌ Holland,‌ prisoner‌ on‌ the‌ Bass‌ Rock,‌ scholar,‌ preacher,‌ and saint — Robert Traill lived to span‌ the‌ ripest‌ period‌ of‌ the‌ Puritan‌ age.‌ Distinguished‌ in‌ the‌ classes‌ of‌ Edinburgh‌ University,‌ Trail l‌early‌ felt‌ the‌ inner‌ constraint‌ to‌ preach‌ Christ.‌ Too‌ intimate‌ an‌ association‌ with‌ the‌ younger‌ John‌ Welsh‌ drew‌ the‌ swift‌ displeasure‌ of the‌ civil‌ arm‌ upon‌ him.‌ Denounced‌ as‌ a‌ ‘Pentland‌ Rebel’‌ he‌ fled‌ in‌ 1667‌ to‌ join‌ the‌ bright‌ galaxy‌ of‌ British‌ divines‌ weathering‌ the‌ storm‌ of‌ Stuart‌ absolutism‌ in‌ the‌ Low‌ Countries. Traill’s‌ literary‌ output‌ began‌ there.‌ Assistant‌ to‌ Nethenus,‌ professor‌ at Utrecht,‌ he‌ prepared‌ Samuel‌ Rutherford’s‌ Examination of Arminianism‌ for‌ the‌ press.‌ Back‌ in‌ London‌ in‌ 1692‌ he‌ took‌ up‌ his‌ pen,‌ as‌ Isaac‌ Chauncy‌ (Owen’s‌ successor)‌ and‌ the‌ younger‌ Thomas‌ Goodwin‌ were‌ having‌ to‌ do,‌ to‌ defend‌ the‌ doctrine‌ of‌ Justification‌ against‌ the‌ new‌ Legalism.‌ After‌ serving‌ Presbyterian‌ charges‌ in‌ Kent‌ and‌ London,‌ he‌ died‌ at‌ the‌ age‌ of‌ 74.

Robert Traill was endowed ‌with‌ a‌ first-class‌ mind‌ and‌ had‌ enjoyed‌ a very‌ complete‌ theological‌ education.‌ Nevertheless,‌ his‌ sermons‌ were‌ not‌ meant‌ to‌ appeal‌ to‌ the‌ learned.‌ He‌ strove‌ throughout‌ to‌ promote‌ practical‌ godliness.‌ Every‌ reader‌ who‌ shares‌ his‌ outlook‌ will‌ find‌ him‌ warm,‌ instructive,‌ and‌ encouraging.

J. ‌C.‌ Ryle,‌ who‌ frequently‌ quotes‌ from‌ Traill‌ in‌ his‌ writings,‌ introduces‌ one‌ lengthy‌ extract‌ with‌ the‌ words,‌ ‘It‌ has‌ done‌ me‌ good‌ and‌ I‌ think‌ will‌ do‌ good‌ to‌ others.’


Table of Contents:


A Letter from the late Mr James Hervey to a Relation of Mr Traill’s

Recommendation to the Sermons on Stedfast Adherence

An Account of the Life and Character of the Author

The Throne of Grace: Thirteen Sermons on Hebrews 14:6

By What Means May Ministers Best Win Souls? A Sermon on 1 Timothy 4:16

A Vindication of the Protestant Doctrine concerning Justification, and of Its Preachers and Professors, from the Unjust Charge of Antinomianism

Sermons concerning the Lord’s Prayer: Sixteen Sermons on John 17:24


Steadfast Adherence to the Profession of Our Faith, Recommended in Twenty-one Sermons, on Hebrews 10:21-24

Eleven Sermons on Important Subjects, from 1 Peter 1:1-4

Six Sermons on Galatians 2:21

A Letter from the Author to His Wife, and One to His Children
Additional Sermons