The Works of John Robinson, 3 Volume Set

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The Works of John Robinson, Pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers with a Memoir and Annotation by Robert Ashton

The republication of John Robinson’s Works is both timely and significant. It is timely, because the year 2009 marks the four hundredth anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival in Leyden where their Pastor, John Robinson, would have his most influential impact upon them as a church. It is also significant because John Robinson is the indisputable link between the doctrines of John Calvin in church and religious life. 


General Content:

Volume 1


Dr. Allen’s Descendants of Robinson

Essays, or Observations Divine and Moral

Defense of the Doctrine propounded by the Synod of Dort


Volume 2

A Justification of Separation from the Church of England, against Mr. Bernard’s Invective, entitled the Separatist’s Schism

1. Counsels of Peace Debated

2. Dissuasions against Separation Considered

3. Reasons against Separation Discussed – Errors Alleged to be Held by separatists Confuted

4. The Minsters’ Positions Examined


Volume 3

A Just and Necessary Apology

Two Letters on Christian Fellowship

On Religious Communion, Private and Public

The People’s Plea for the Exercise of Prophecy

On the Lawfulness of Hearing Ministers in the Church of England

A Letter to the Congregational Church in London

An Appeal on Truth’s Behalf

An Answer to a Censorious Epistle

A Catechism


1. The Church in Southwark, by Rev. John Wadington

2. The Exiles and their Churches in Holland



John Robinson (1576–1625) was the pastor of the "Pilgrim Fathers" before they left on the Mayflower for the Americas. He became one of the early leaders of the English Separatists , or Brownists , and is regarded as one of the founders of the Congregational Church.