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The Wanderer (ALOE)

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Lamplighter Publishing

Lions! Hoodlums! Angry wagon masters! David's quest takes him from his family's secure English country farm down to the hustle and bustle of London, where his willful desires lead directly to trouble, heading him off on a self-imposed exile to the wilds of Africa.

Young or old, any one of us who has ever been torn between what we think we want to do versus what we know we ought to do is likely to recognize the redemptive nature of God's love that David finds when he finally realizes he has chosen poorly, and turns to Him, unconditionally, in confession and prayer. Although he still has a few "minor" obstacles to confront which would most likely do many of us in, such as hunger, thirst, a ravenous lion, and a huge moral dilemma, David realizes that he is no longer walking alone.