The Walk: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus

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"I want to follow Jesus, but I...

  • don't know anything about the Bible.
  • don't have a Christian background.
  • have drifted so far away, how can I start over?
  • have no idea where to begin!

With his years of experience in pastoral ministry, Steven Smallman ensures that you don't need prior knowledge to begin your journey with Christ. Whether you're a brand-new Christian or a disciple renewing your commitment, this practical, basic, step-by-step approach to discipleship will be your guide as you take your first crucial steps on the walk.

Table of Contents:

Part One: The Basics

1. What Is a Disciple?

2. Do I Have to Go to Church?

3. Learning to Read the Bible and Pray

Part Two: Discipleship Through the Gospel

Step One: Know the gospel itself

4. The Gospel of God

Step Two: Know how you came to believe the gospel

5. The Call to Salvation and Discipleship

6. Conversion

Step Three: Know the benefits of believing the gospel (gospel doctrines)

7. A New Record: Justification

8. A New Life: Sanctification and Adoption

9. A New Future: Glorification

Step Four: Live a life that flows from the gospel (gospel obedience)

10. Faith Expressing Itself in Love

11. The Gospel Changes Everything

Part Three: Following Jesus on His Mission

12. Disciples Making Disciples

A Final Word to New and Renewed Followers of Jesus: Now What?

Appendix A: Further Reading and Resources

Appendix B: “Sirs, We Would See Jesus” – A Fifteen-Week Reading Plan to Introduce the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ

Appendix C: A Word to Disciples Who Are Involved in Making Disciples 



Stephen Smallman served for over forty years in pastoral ministry. He is an urban missionary serving with CityNet Ministries and is assistant pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church in Glenside, Pennsylvania.



"This is the fruit of a lifetime of experience in ministry. I recommend this warm, practical, gospel-centered and very useful manual on discipleship." — Tim Keller

"Stephen Smallman has given us a great gift with this book. It's now the first resource I'd recommend for disciples wanting to make disciples (which should be all of us)." — Justin Taylor

"Lots of people have a heart for discipleship, but few have the ability to apply the gospel to a person’s spiritual journey (seeker and believer alike) with the compassion and wisdom of Steve Smallman. His heart for God and for people energizes his ministry and this book." — Ron Lutz

"A gem of a book which, while aimed specifically at the unbeliever and the new Christian, will yet benefit even those older in the faith who take time to read it and be reminded of, and refreshed by, the great, simple truths of the life-changing gospel." — Carl Trueman