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The Story of Charles Ogilvie (Sargent)

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Lamplighter Publications

"Within this little volume lie treasure troves of insight for the whole pursuit of a Christian's life. As I read this volume, my soul was delighted to watch as the Scriptures were brought to bear on the ordinary proceedings of life. But just when I thought I'd discovered the key themes of the book, each new page unveiled more truths.

In spite of great trials, Charles Ogilvie is committed to press on in his faith. Through the words of a fellow traveler, he is challenged to go beyond the expected duties of a Christian and to focus inwardly on such radical change as a a repentant heart, made possible only by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit. But peer pressure has a strange way of making one ashamed of the gospel of Christ! For even in the soul of a boy like Charles, there is natural enmity to God, and we are by nature wanderers.

The challenges and joys and struggles of Charles offer themselves for ready comparison with my own life, and the transparent narrative offers perspective for anyone attempting to live wholeheartedly for Christ. I'm inspired, challenged, and convicted by this story - almost a Joseph story,if you will - and its clear call not to 'pocket principles!'" - Mark Hamby