The Sound of His Name: Autobiography of Bernard J. Honeysett

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The autobiography of someone who has spanned nine decades of the twentieth century promises to be fascinating reading. Add to this an upbringing centred on a country chapel in Sussex, England, a struggle with ‘Hyper Calvinism’, a mid-life call to the Christian ministry, and, in retirement, a garden visited annually by hundreds of strangers- and Bernard Honeysett’s life has the makings of a story well beyond the ordinary.

Such is the attraction of The Sound of His Name. In its pages we meet the kind of characters who seem to exist only in previous generations- only here they are described by one of themselves. This is the story of a life devoted to Jesus Christ and his people, told by someone who admires these very qualities in others. Here older readers will meet those who have lived alongside them through the years, while younger Christians will gain a new appreciation of the inheritance of Christian fellowship which they possess.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Honeysetts of East Sussex
  2. An Old-World Country Chapel
  3. Stern Realities
  4. Call and Entrance into the Ministry
  5. Itinerant Ministry
  6. Pastorate at Jireh, Tenterden
  7. New Influences – Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  8. The Error of Hyper-Calvinism
  9. Two Special Friends
  10. The New Pastorate at Tenterden
  11. Retirement – Calmer Waters