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The Scripture Revelations Respecting Good & Evil Angels (Whately)

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Anyone who has been accustomed to study the Scriptures with attention and with interest, will be likely to have been struck with the circumstance that the notices there occurring of Angels are few, and very brief. And it is probable that you may have sometimes felt a degree of disappointment at this, and a wish to know more on so curious and interesting a subject; and perhaps even something of wonder also that more has not been revealed to us upon it.

A theological treat! While the topic is itself interesting, these lectures are a theological education that go far beyond the topic. Perfectly conservative in his theology, Richard Whately does a masterful job of destroying the liberalism of the higher critics, and yet bringing much needed balance to those who would see an angel on every corner. A fascinating and intellectually stimulating read!

-Andrew W. Camp, Editor of the Family Worship Bible Commentary