The Romish Fisher (Hardcover) (Featley)

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The Romish Fisher Caught and Held in His Owne Net or, A True Relation of the Protestant Conference and Popish Difference. A Justification of the One, and Refutation of the Other. In Matters of Fact and Faith.

Featley, who helped in the translation of the KJV wrote this book in response to a famous conference wherein he disputed the differences between the Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism. A helpful treatment of the issues, this volume is detailed and thorough.


Daniel Featley was an English theologian and controversialist. A leading Calvinist disputant of the 1620s, he fell into difficulties with Parliament due to his loyalty to Charles I in the 1640s, and he was harshly treated and imprisoned at the end of his life.


"This series makes available afresh in handsome facsimile editions the thought of learned men who wrestled with perennial questions about the nature of God, the nature of man, and the nature of their relationship; it includes influential attempts to wrestle with the relationship of church and state, and of state action and individual conscience. What is more, it includes many examples of public writing and of private reflection and personal correspondence. Because the matters of these books raise perennial questions, they speak to us just as much as to past generations." - Rev. Prof. John Morrill, FBA, Professor of British and Irish History, University of Cambridge