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The Public Ministry of Christ (Westminster Discount) (Blaikie)

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  1. Our Lord's Ministry as an Example
  2. Preparation for His Ministry
  3. Inner Spirit of His Ministry
  4. Outer Features of His Ministry
  5. Beginning of His Judaean Ministry
  6. Beginning of His Galilean Ministry
  7. His Work as a Teacher
  8. Elements of Impression in His Teaching: Internal, Structural, Illustrations
  9. Parabolic Discourses
  10. Public Discourses- Sermon on the Mount
  11. The College of the Twelve
  12. Dealings with the Apostles
  13. Dealings with Different Classes: Outside the Kingdom, On the Kingdom Borders, Inside the Kingdom
  14. His Farewell
  15. His Re-Appearance



Dr. William Garden Blaikie (1820-99) was Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at New College, Edinburgh, from 1868 to 1897.



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