The Peter Martyr Reader (Donnelly)

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Trueman State University Press

This handy paperback is an anthology of chapters taken from each of the volumes of the series. Chapters include Martyr’s views on the scope of theology, the study of theology, the authority of scripture, human nature, human happiness, the knowledge of God, the person of Christ, justification and faith, the Lord’s Supper, views on music and songs, predestination, free will, providence, moral virtue, civil magistrates, and prayer.


  1. The Scope of Theology
  2. The Study of Theology
  3. The Authority of Scripture
  4. Human Nature
  5. Human Happiness
  6. Knowledge of God
  7. The Person of Christ
  8. Justification and Faith
  9. The Lord's Supper
  10. Music and Songs
  11. Predestination
  12. Free Will
  13. Providence
  14. Moral Virtue
  15. The Civil Magistrate
  16. Prayers



"The accessibility of the Reader is enhanced by helpful notes and indexes of topics, classical references, and biblical citations; the introductions to the sixteen chapters, however, are quite terse. All in all, this Reader serves as a splendid invitation to deeper explorations in the Peter Martyr Library." - John L. Farthing