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The Pastor's Daughter: The Way of Salvation Explained to His Daughter by Rev. Edward Payson (Hopkins)

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A unique glimpse into the home and heart of the remarkable Payson family of Portland, Maine, as Edward Payson lovingly leads his oldest daughter, Louisa, to genuine faith in Christ. It traces the struggles of a brilliant girl from the age of 4 to 14 as she seeks to come to Christ on her own terms, and not the Lord's. 

Those who have loved "A Pastor's Sketches" by Ichabod Spencer will find themselves in familiar territory as Payson faithfully presses his daughter to repent and believe the Gospel. The chapters are brief and filled with illuminating illustrations that parents and pastors alike will find useful in presenting the claims of Christ and the demands of the Gospel upon sinners.

It cannot be recommended too highly!



“Grand gospel themes are woven throughout this delightful book, which is as relevant for the child as for the parent. The charming conversations between Maria and her father became all too familiar as I recognized my own struggles with pride and selfishness. Maria’s musing confronted me with my sin and her father’s tender application of the gospel continually called me to repentance.” – Susan Hunt