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The Life of President Edwards (Clearance) (Dwight)

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Puritan Reprints

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The number of men who have produced great and permanent changes in the character and condition of mankind, and stamped their own image on the minds of succeeding generations, is comparatively small. Yet here and there an individual can be found, who, by his mere mental energy, has changed the course of human thought and feeling, and led mankind onward in that new and better path which he had opened to their view. Such an individual was Jonathan Edwards. Born in an obscure colony in the midst of a wilderness, and educated at a seminary just commencing its existence; passing the better of his life as the pastor of a frontier village, and an Indian missionary in a still humbler hamlet; he discovered, and unfolded a system of the divine moral government so new, so clear, so full, that it has at length constrained a reluctant world to bow in homage to its truth.


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