The Life and Legacy of Saint Patrick (McHugh)

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For too long, the work and legacy of Saint Patrick has been obscured by myths and legends. For this reason, most Christians living today know little of the actual exploits of this fascinating hero from Church history.

Over sixteen hundred years ago, God raised up a man named Patrick to take the gospel of Christ to the people of Ireland. Seldom in church history has any missionary been blessed with a more fruitful ministry. The preaching of Patrick was used by Almighty God to transform many of the Irish people from idol worshiping pagans into servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. The biography entitled The Life and Legacy of Saint Patrick seeks to vividly portray the true story of this faithful missionary, and to encourage Christians living in the twenty-first century to follow the Great Commission of Christ: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” (Matthew 28:19)

This new fully illustrated biography on the life of Saint Patrick is written in a lively and engaging manner, and will help readers to better understand how God’s grace enabled one man to accomplish so much for the kingdom of Christ. 


Table of Contents:

  1. A Meeting in Dawn
  2. Roman Power and Patrick’s Youth
  3. Kidnapped by a Celtic King
  4. Patricius Becomes a Salves
  5. Life Among the Druids
  6. A Shepherd Named Patrick
  7. The Long Road Home
  8. Free At Last
  9. A Divine Delay
  10. Home at Last
  11. Training for Service
  12. Pulling Down Strongholds
  13. A Mission to Tara
  14. Victory Over the Druids
  15. The Gospel Seed Grows
  16. The Lost Sheep
  17. Patrick Finished His Race