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About The Leadership Dynamic

Offers a time-tested, biblical model of leadership development that prepares churches to produce leaders not just for the church but for all spheres of society.

"The true test of a leader," according to Harry Reeder, "is not how many followers he has but the strategic effectiveness of the other leaders he develops and deploys." That model of developing and deploying church leaders in ever-increasing waves is at the heart of The Leadership Dynamic.

The church's responsibility, however, does not end there, says Reeder. The body of Christ also needs to resume its role as society's definer of leadership by sending godly, trained men into all areas of culture, rather than keeping them solely within the church.

Beginning with the examples of Jesus and Paul, Reeder presents a model of multiplication that intentionally and continuously raises up other leaders. With its three-pronged approach to leadership development, this book guides readers through a time-tested paradigm that works in real life and is fully grounded in Scripture. The principles, personal illustrations, and practical ideas it contains will effectively equip leaders and the church for their task of transforming first the body of Christ and then our culture.

Table of Contents: 

  1. God’s Model for Leadership
  2. In the World – but not of the World
  3. His Ways Are Not Our Ways – Thankfully!
  4. Defining the Leader
  5. The Marks of an Effective Christian Leader  
  6. What Is Leadership?
  7. Thermometer or Thermostat
  8. Learning, Living, Leading
  9. Developing Leaders – God’s Way
  10. Rancher or Shepherd: Which Are You?
  11. Fighting the Good Fight
  12. The Church as a Leadership Factory and Distribution Center
  13. If It Ain’t Horse, Carve It Out!
  14. Who Is on the Team?
  15. Know Your Enemy 



Harry L. Reeder III earned an MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary and a DMin from Reformed Theological Seminary. He is senior pastor of the 4,000-member Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. He is also the author of From Embers to a Flame.



"Harry Reeder's gifts of communication and leadership are legendary. His new book is not only a source of spiritual wisdom but a manual on the practical application of the principles of biblical leadership within the church. This book is a must read for anyone serving in, or desiring to serve in, church leadership as it reflects the hands-on experience of one of the most effective senior pastors in America today."
Peter A. Lillback, Senior Pastor, Proclamation Presbyterian Church, President, Westminster Theological Seminary

"Harry Reeder's concern for leader development is much more that a jeremiad against pop theories of vision casting and profit-driven pragmatism. His urgent call to develop biblical leaders who are courageous, compassionate, and selfless is a battle cry to rescue our nation, our culture, and our churches from the suffocation of self-gratification. He urges leaders to rise above idols of success and to discover their true greatness in biblical integrity, generational mentoring, and service to divine purposes. The examples are inspiring, and the challenge to change the world by honoring God throbs in the veins of the book."
Bryan Chapell, President Emeritus, Covenant Theological Seminary; Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois

"This book is a call and a challenge to Christians. It instructs and encourages. Harry Reeder is disturbed by the thought that churches have entrusted the world with defining what it means to be a leader. In this book, Harry Reeder tries to take that job back-and with it, he gives us some specific help in knowing how we can develop and deploy those leaders, in the church and beyond."
Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington DC; President, 9Marks

"Whether leaders are born or made (or both), Harry Reeder is a leader who knows how to develop other leaders. Drawing on a deep understanding of Scripture, a lifetime of ministry in the church, and a practical knowledge of military history, Dr. Reeder lays out clear biblical principles for success in spiritual leadership while at the same time warning against the dangers that constantly threaten to destroy men who serve God in ministry."
Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

"Harry Reeder is a leader. More than that, Harry is committed to developing and deploying other leaders. It is important that a book on leadership is written by one who models what he writes. This book will be a great help to any who want to produce leaders throughout our churches and the culture with godly character and servant hearts and courageous conviction. With compelling and motivating examples and many practical suggestions, this book will challenge you to be a leader and to develop other leaders, and help you do both."
Robert C. Cannada Jr., Chancellor, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Harry makes the point that the best leadership models are those grounded in God's Word. We want to develop such leaders who then multiply through mentoring others. In this way the church will impact the culture and the world. Such leaders are desperately needed, and Harry is gifted at developing them. Here is the methodology; don't miss it!"
Frank M. Barker Jr., Pastor Emeritus, Briarwood Presbyterian Church