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The Kingdom of God and the Church (Vos) (Westminster Discount)

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Geerhardus Vos devotes this work to a discussion of Jesus' greatest focus in ministry -- the “kingdom of God” (and the “kingdom of heaven,” which Vos takes to be referencing the same thing.) Vos begins by connecting Christ's teaching on the kingdom to the Old Testament and its concepts of a Messianic king. Then he moves into the conception of the kingdom during the New Testament with a cursory analysis of the pertinent Greek phrases (but largely accessible to a layman). From there, he moves into the kingdom as it is now, and as it will be in the new heavens and the new earth. Finally, the remaining chapters detail specific aspects and characteristics of the kingdom as it currently exists including the church as it is also compared to the kingdom, and as the means by which one gains entrance into the kingdom. Vos' enlightening treatment of this important theme in the Scriptures ought to be read, particularly by pastors, to assist in preaching and teaching on passages dealing with this vital subject.