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The Jewel in the King's Crown (Allen)

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It has often been said—by Winston Churchill and T S Eliot among others—that the King James Bible is the greatest work in the English language, and it is true. The King James Bible appeared at the same time as Shakespeare. The providence of God found a moment when the English language was young, yet vigorously mature, sprightly yet stately, earthly yet sublime.

This book takes us back to another world as it traces the development of the English Bible, and then sets the translation of the Authorised Version within the socio-political maelstrom of Elizabethan and Jacobean England. We are introduced to the translators: Puritans such as John Reynolds and Laurence Chadderton; Miles Smith, who wrote the now seldom-printed Preface to the Reader and was a final editor; godly Lancelot Andrewes, then Dean of Westminster; and many other deans and scholars of the classical languages.

Dr. Allen's book will delight any reader and will draw out fresh appreciation of the King James Bible as a religious and literary masterpiece, and enduring landmark which marked the climax of the English Reformation, and still is treasured throughout the English-speaking world and beyond.