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The Holy Trinity: In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship (Letham)

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When it comes to the doctrine of the trinity, evangelicals have underachieved. In The Holy Trinity Robert Letham helps to redress this shortcoming. He offers a well-researched volume about “the One who is utterly transcendent and incomprehensible.” After examining the doctrine’s biblical foundations, Letham traces its historical development through the twentieth century, and engages four critical issues: the Trinity and (1) the incarnation, (2) worship and prayer, (3) creation and missions, and (4) persons.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Biblical Foundations

1. Old Testament Background

2. Jesus and the Father

3. The Holy Spirit and Triadic Patterns

Part Two: Historical Development

4. Early Trinitarianism

5. The Arian Controversy

6. Athanasius

7. The Cappadocians

8. The Council of Constantinople

9. Augustine

10. East and West: The Filioque Controversy

11. East and West: The Paths Diverge

12. John Calvin

Part Three: Modern Discussion

13. Karl Brath

14. Rahner, Moltmann, and Pannenberg

15. Returning East: Bulgakov, Lossky, and Staniloae

16. Thomas F. Torrance

Prat Four: Critical Issues

17. The Trinity and the Incarnation

18. The Trinity, Worship, and Prayer

19. The Trinity, Creation, and Missions

20. The Trinity and Persons


1. Gilbert Bilezikian and Bungee Jumping

2. Kevin Giles on Subordinationism  


"In this outstanding work, Letham points us back to God in all the mystery and glory of his triune being. With his keen theological acumen, Letham has given us a tour de force of Reformed theology." — Sinclair B. Ferguson

"Solid and judicious, comprehensive and thorough, abreast of past wisdom and present-day debate, and doxological in tone throughout, this is far and away the best big textbook on the Trinity that you can find, and it will surely remain so for many years to come." — J. I. Packer


Robert Letham is senior lecturer in systematic and historical theology at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST). He has advanced degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary and the University of Aberdeen.