The History of the Waldenses: The Conflicts they Waged and the Martyrdoms they Endured in Defense of their Faith and Liberty (Wylie)

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The Waldeneses hold a special place in our Christian heritage. Their defense of the faith of Jesus despite persecution and martyrdom is unique in the christian church. During the long centries of papal supremacy, they defied the crushing power of Rome and rejected its false doctines and human traditions. This stalwart people cherished and preserved the pure Word of God. Throughout this time, despite the great danger involved, Waldensian missionaries left their rocky fortresses to share portions of scripture with those searching for the light of God's Word.

Table of Contents:

THE WALDENSES --Their Valleys

THE WALDENSES--- Their Theology and Missionary Labors

First Persecutions of the Waldenses

Cataneo's Expedition Against the Dauphinese and Piedmontese Confessors

Failure of Cataneo's Expedition

Synod in the Waldensian Valleys

Persecution and Martyrdoms

Preparation for a War of Extermination

The Great Campaign of 1561

Waldensian Colonies in Calabria and Apulia

Extinction of Waldenses in Calabria

The Great Massacre

Exploits of Gianavello--Massacre and Pillage of Rora

The Exile

Return to the Valleys

Final Reestablishment in the Valleys

Condition of the Waldenses from 1690

SPECIAL FEATURE: This edition includes a series of review questions at the end of each chapter to aid in the teaching of this material in a group setting.



"This book, taken from the larger volumes of 'The History of Protestantism', recounts the sufferings of the evangelical Waldenses under the cruel hands of their persecutors. Birthed as a separatistic holiness movement in the middle ages, in the sixteenth century the Waldenees embraced Reformed theology. Their struggles and sorrows remind us that in this world we will have tribulation, but Christ has overcome the world." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan