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The "Higher Life" Doctrine of Sanctification Tried by the Word of God (Boardman)

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Sprinkle Publications

“The Higher Christian Life” was published some twenty years ago. The subject of Christian Sanctification – the growing assimilation of the soul to the Divine image through the indwelling of the Holy Ghost – is eminently one to be approached with a reverent and chastened spirit.


Table of Contents:

1. Lofty Claims: Sanctification by faith “a newly-discovered doctrine” – Eighteen centuries of twilight – Luther misinterpreted

2. The Old Doctrine and the New: Sanctification according to the Scriptures – According to the Higher Life Scheme

3. Faith Misapprehended in Its Nature and Objects: Faith “not a grace” – Wrong to pray for it – Plenary ability – No recognition of the Holy Spirit – Marshall on Sanctification – Jenks’s Prayer – a Faith unknown to inspired teachers

4. The Will not Omnipotent – ‘Consecration’: Consecration everything – Faith mistaking its object – Faith without feeling – ‘The will, king’ – The usurper dethroned

5. Further Mistakes as to Faith and Consecration: Unwarrantable assumptions – Full assurance, scriptural and unscriptural

6. Novelties in Scripture Interpretation – Mysticism: Mystical teachings – Ominous omissions – 1 Cor. 1:30; Col 3:3; Gal 2:20

7. More Texts Misinterpreted – Romans VII: 1 John 1:7 – Paul in Romans seventh, a poor Christian – ‘Dead to sin’ – Chalmers on Romans sixth and seventh – Bishop Hopkins – Romans seventh paraphrased

8. ‘Half-Truths’ – Commands and Promise – Prayer: The Christian life a cheerful service – Misrepresented – Texts bi-sected – Errors respecting prayer

9. Passivity vs. Activity – Faith Restricted, and Scripture Slighted: The in-dwelling of Christ – Sanctification through the truth – Chalmers on Phil 2:12,13 – Making Christ ‘responsible’ – All Scripture profitable for growth in grace

10. The Lessons of 1 John, Chapter I: Dangerous wresting of Scripture – Self-deception – Scott – Daille – Marshall

11. The Law Debased – Sin, No Sin – The Lord’s Prayer: Dr. Alden – A Flexible law no law – “Consciousness’ an untrustworthy guide – Newton and the slave trade – God’s law applied – Beyond the Lord’ Prayer

12. The Scheme Incompatible with the General Tone of the Inspired Word – Pilgrim’s Progress: Higher Life consecration and sinlessness unknown to the New Testament – If true, Pilgrim’s Progress literally a ‘dream’

13. A Bleak System for Doubting and Desponding Believers: Rough Surgery – Casuistical Theology – Diversities of Gifts – Humility, true and false

14. The Scheme Deficient in Solid Comfort for God’s Children – Self-Deception – Egoism: Specious vs. Scriptural teaching – Leighton – Many Doubters – The only true resource

15. Higher Life Examples: Not drawn from ‘Christian Biography’ – Not tested by time – Perfect Happiness here not proposed to us – William Archer Butler – ‘What do ye more than others?’

16. Trustworthy Experiences – Conclusion: Owen – Bunyan – John Newton – Alexander – McCheyne – Wilberforce – Gurney – Adelaide Newton – Simeon – ‘The old, old story’