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The Great Debate Today (Westminster Discount) (Van Til)

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From the Preface: Who is Jesus Christ? What does it matter anyway? Never before has this - the most important question of all time - been so debated and obscured as at the present time. And the sad fact is that most of the confusion is being caused by those who themselves claim to be members of the "Christian Church."

The Christ of the Scripture, as the one and only source of meaning for every aspect of human life, is the Christ that must be brought to men. But this Christ is not the Christ of modern theology, and of the modern church. The Christ who alone is Lord of life is the Christ of the Reformers, of Augustine, and of the Scripture. To present the voice of this Christ as the Lord of life in the valley of death as opposed to the Christ of modernism and neo-orthodoxy, is the purpose of this little book.


Table of Contents: 

I. Christ and Adam

A. What, Then, Is the Gospel?

B. We Gladly Confess This Gospel

C. The Primacy of the Practical Reason

D. Beyond Kant

E. The Protestant Dilemma

F. The Protestant Dilemma

G. The Final Issue

H. Oscar Cullmann

I. Christ the Center: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

J. P. Teilhard de Chardin - Prophet of Ecumenism

II. Christ and Noah

A. The Reformation Christ-Line

B. The Kantian Christ-Line

C. The Christ-Line of Friedrich Schleiermacher

D. The Christ of H. Richard Niebuhr

E. Robert C. Collingwood

F. God as History

G. The Point of Contact

III. Christ and Abraham

A. Abraham's Faith

B. Soren Kierkegaard: The Great Pioneer

C. The Post-Kantian Christ-Line

D. Covenant History

E. History Sacred and Profane: Alan Richardson

F. Dimensionalism

G. Theology of History 

IV. Christ and Moses

A. The Kantian Christ-Line: Emil Brunner

B. Brunner and Orthodoxy

C. The Point of Contact

D. Two Christs

V. Christ and Paul

A. The Course of History

B. Paul as Follower of Christ

C. The Eschatology of Apostate Man

D. Immanentistic Metaphysics

E. Modern Theologians on the Future of Mankind 




Cornelius Van Til (1895–1987) was born in Grootegast, the Netherlands, and immigrated with his family to America in 1905. He attended Calvin College and Calvin Seminary before completing his studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and Princeton University with the ThM and PhD degrees. Drawn to the pastorate, Van Til spent one year in the ministry before taking a leave of absence to teach apologetics at Princeton Seminary. When the seminary reorganized, he was persuaded to join the faculty of the newly founded Westminster Theological Seminary. He remained there as professor of apologetics until his retirement in 1975.