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The Gospel of the Grace of God: Sermons Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle During His Father's Illness (Spurgeon)

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This precious little volume was published in 1884 with the hearty approval of all those who heard the sermons preached by Thomas Spurgeon (son of Charles H. Spurgeon) during an illness of his father.

"These sermons have given great delight to the friends at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Their pastor was laid low by that painful infirmity that often attacks him, and his son occupied the pulpit, to his father's great comfort. When the father expressed in public his hearty thanks to Almighty God that his lack of service had been so well supplied by his own son, there was a general assent to the thanksgiving. The verdict of the church was unanimous: the people of God had been fed, and there were not lacking testimonies that sinners had been converted. Old believers, who know the taste of heavenly food, declared that they had been well fed; while the younger folk, with their natural enthusiasm, expressed their delight at what they had heard. The praise rendered unto the Lord by many was an offering of sweet savour. So precious a result made it good to have been afflicted, good to have received help from the Lord out of one's own house, and, best of all, to have kindled thousands of hearts with the fire of holy praise and sympathetic gratitude. Precious things will sell themselves; and all that is required of us is just to say, -- here are pearls, examine them and estimate them after the worth of merchants who care for nothing but intrinsic worth. - C. H. Spurgeon


1) "IF THOU CANS'T" - Mark 9:23


3) LYDIA AND THE JAILOR - Acts 16:13-34

4) COMING TO JESUS - John 6:37

5) A WHITE STONE - Revelation 2:17


7) A FAIR WIND - Acts 28:13



THOMAS SPURGEON (1856-1917) was a British Reformed Baptist preacher of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, one of two non-identical twin sons of the famous Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892).

Thomas and his twin brother were born a month before the tragedy at the Royal Surrey Gardens Music Hall of 19 October 1856 while their father was preaching. Their mother, Susannah became an invalid at the age of 33 while the boys were still in their teens.

After serving some time to an engraver, Thomas Spurgeon, like his brother Charles, decided to give his life to preaching the gospel. But his health prevented him from remaining in England. While he was still young he sailed to Australia, and spent one year in evangelistic labors there. After his return to England it was decided that he must return to a better climate for his health. During the early 1880s he preached in many places in Australia, as well as in New Zealand ; and finally he decided to accept the pastorate of a Baptist church in Auckland, the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, where his influence was already becoming widely felt.

Thomas returned to England after the death of his father and succeeded him in his pulpit ministry after a brief period under Arthur Tappan Pierson. During Thomas' fifteen-year pastorate, the Tabernacle burned in 1898 and was rebuilt along similar lines. His brother Charles was pastor of the Greenwich Baptist Church.