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The Five Points of Amillennialism (Johnson)

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Free Grace Press

Simple, Succinct and Scriptural Presentation of the End Times 

Ammillennialism is not hard to understand. You don't need a chart to direct you through a complex maze of proof texts. To understand amillennialism, all you need to know are five simple points.  


Table of Contents:

  1. The Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutic
  2. Believers Are the Children of Abraham
  3. The Church Is the Davidic Kingdom
  4. The New Earth Is the Promised Land
  5. The Finality of the Second Coming



"Jeffrey Johnson helps us to step back and see the big picture that the Bible paints of God’s plan for human history. As a result, we can see clearly that God fulfills his promises to Abraham, Israel, and David in his blessings upon Jesus Christ and the people in union with Him—Jew or Gentile, now and forever. That is what amillennialism teaches. And when you see the big picture, it is much easier to fit the individual pieces into place." — Joel R. Beeke

"Jeffrey Johnson has provided an outstanding introduction to biblical eschatology. The Five Points of Amillennialismis a solid, biblical-theological treatment of the major themes of eschatology. Personally, I will use this very readable book as a tool to introduce people to a biblical eschatology that exalts the resurrected and reigning King, Jesus Christ." — Brian Borgman

"One of the reasons believers disagree over eschatology is because this doctrine involves numerous complex texts and hermeneutical questions. In this excellent short book, Jeff Johnson untangles five of the toughest matters to sort out. He writes with grace and ease, but the reader will note that his clear prose proceeds from deep thinking about some of Scripture's toughest passages. We're seeing rising interest in amillennial theology in our time, and this book will help quench such an evident thirst for clarity, rigor, and depth of thought." — Owen Strachan 

"Jeffrey Johnson delivers what he promises: a readable introduction on the core of amillennialism without a thousand rabbit trails distracting!  His sharp pastoral eye has peered deeply into the soul of our wider Christian community.  With a keen theological mind, he has zeroed in on five key principles that clearly guide through the confusing End Times maze in which many are trapped... Jeffrey Johnson has rung the bell with this fine work!" — Duncan Rankin