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The Faces of Origins (Herbert)

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Joshua Press

A Historical Survey of the Underlying Assumptions from the early church to the twenty-first century

Contemporary scientists, such as Richard Dawkins, have loudly proclaimed that evolutionism is an undeniable fact. They seem oblivious to the historical reality that the naturalistic assumptions of evolutionism mirror the supernatural ones of creationsim. The face of origins demonstrates the historical interdependence of these two opposing religious systems in posing answers to the question of the origin of the universe and human life.

Table of Contents:

  1. The problem explored: The rise of evolutionism – a result of science or religion?
  2. Patristic period: A foundation formulated
  3. Middle Ages: The foundation maintained
  4. Early modern era: The foundation maintained
  5. Modern era: A foundation altered
  6. Twenty-first century: The rise of new atheists



“This is not another book presenting evidence in favour of creationism as opposed to evolutionism. Rather, the author is showing the philosophical presupposition that existed behind Western worldviews throughout history, with a focus on the question of origins…this is a much-needed historical perspective on an ongoing debate."— ANDREW MACLEOD is a historical writer

“As Dr. Herbert eloquently documents in this excellent book…theology has much to do with the development of Darwinism and, probably, was the major reason behind the Darwinian revolution, not empirical science.” — JERRY BERGMAN is a professor at Northwest State College, Archibold, Ohio