The Evangelist's Toolkit (Deluxe)

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Reformation Heritage Books
Books in the Package:

Including the same books that are in the Evangelist’s Toolkit. The Deluxe edition contains 10 copies of You Could Have It All, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Narrow Gate, Narrow Way. The purpose of this pack is to give you more resources to hand out in evangelism.

RHB has compiled a number of books that will help you be more confident and natural in your evangelism. The Evangelist’s Toolkit includes a variety of books to help serve you in a number of ways. The books Narrow Gate Narrow Way, You Could Have It All, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ are great books to first read but then hand out to others. Puritan Evangelism and the Brokenhearted Evangelist are there to help you improve your knowledge and practice of evangelism, and Brownlow North is a biography of an evangelist with an incredible story. We pray that this kit will greatly help you in spreading the gospel to family, friends, and neighbors.