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The Danger of Prosperity (Bates)

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Digital Puritan Press

In The Danger of Prosperity, Bates insightfully teaches Christians how wealth, honor, and fame often contributes to the downfall of the unwary. He challenges his readers-with the tender encouragement of a shepherd-to carefully consider the ways in which the abuse of prosperity is both deadly and destructive. He also provides numerous helps that Christians who enjoy God's hand of blessing can use to avoid its sinful abuse and improve it to God's glory and their eternal advantage.

Table of Contents:

  1. Prosperity Abused is Fatal and Destructive to Foolish Sinners
  2. It is Folly and Madness Above all Wonder When Sinners Abuse the Blessings of God to their Destruction
  3. The Justice, Certainty, and Heaviness’ of Destruction that Shall Seize on Foolish Sinners that Abuse Prosperity is Considered
  4. How to Avoid the Evils that Usually attend Prosperity and Improve it to our Eternal Advantage



William Bates (1625-1699) was a well-liked and highly esteemed Puritan pastor who played a key role in the restoration of King Charles II.