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The Correspondence of John Owen (1616-1683) (Owen)

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Until recent months it has been taken for granted that few, if any, of the letters of the great nonconformist leader existed. Mr. Toon has discovered more than one hundred original letters, hitherto unknown—including original correspondence with Oliver Cromwell—which are here reprinted for the first time, with a scholarly introduction.

This is an important piece of historical research; it should be essential reading for all students of the Commonwealth, period.


John Owen

Peter Toon (Editor)

Geoffrey F. Nuttall (Forward)


John Owen - Amongst the best known of the Puritans, John Owen (1616-1683) was a profound and thought provoking pastor-theologian. His writings continue to be widely read and greatly appreciated to this day.

The Reverend Dr. Peter Toon, (1939–2009), received his D.Phil. from Oxford. He was ordained a priest in the Church of England. He taught theology in both England and America, and was also a visiting professor and guest lecturer at a variety of seminaries and universities in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Dr. Toon was a parish priest and a recent past-president of the Prayer Book Society of the USA.

Geoffrey F. Nuttall FBA FKC (1911–2007) was a British Congregational minister and church historian. He was a founder member of the Ecclesiastical History Society, and was its president in 1972, the first person to serve in that position who was not a professor. He helped to write A Congregational Declaration of Faith in the early 1960s.