The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller, Volume 2

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This reprint of the American edition of Fuller’s works comes at a most advantageous time. All true lovers of the gospel of God’s grace should celebrate its appearance.

Who was Andrew Fuller, and what made him qualified to tackle the issues of the day? Fuller, a Baptist preacher, served as pastor of only two churches, Soham and Kettering. Having received little formal education, he, nevertheless, pursued learning on his own energy and became on the clearest and most forceful writers and thinkers of his day.



The Gospel Its Own Witness

The Calvinistic and Socinian Systems Examined and Compared as to Their Moral Tendency

Socinianism Indefensible; Containing a Reply to Dr. Toulmin and Mr. Kentish

Reflections on Mr. Belsham’s Review of Mr. Wilberforce’s Treatise on Christianity

Letters to Mr. Vidler on Universal Salvation

The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation

Defense of the ‘Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation’, in Reply to Mr. Burton and Philanthropos

The Reality and Efficacy of Divine Grace by Agnostos

Strictures of Sandemanianism, in Twelve Letters to a Friend

Dialogues and Letters Between Crispus and Gaius

Conversations Between Peter, James, and John

Letters on the Controversy with the Rev. A. Booth

Letters Relative to Mr. Martin’s Publication on the Duty of Faith in Christ

Antinomianism Contrasted with the Religion of the Holy Scriptures

An Apology for the Late Christian Mission to India