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The Church - Why Bother?: The Nature, Purpose and Functions of the Local Church (Johnson)

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“In one way or another, virtually every troubling trend in the current world of evangelical Christianity is rooted in misunderstanding about the church. What is her proper mission? What is her role in an increasingly secular culture? What should her priorities be? How should a local church function? Why is church membership necessary? or is it? What is the basis for true unity? This excellent book shines the clear light of Scripture on those and many other questions. Since Christ loved the church enough to die for her, every believer ought to share that passion. Jeffrey Johnson clearly does, and I believe you will find his enthusiasm contagious.” - JOHN MACARTHUR, Pastor/Teacherof Grace Community Church in Sun Valley,California and President of The Master’s College and Seminaru

“Like a carpenter refinishing a classic piece of furniture, Jeffrey Johnson strips away layers of human tradition and worldly-wise philosophy to restore our view of the church to its biblical simplicity. In this book the church shines! Johnson offers basic teaching on the purposes, worship, membership, and leadership of the church from a Baptist perspective. As a Reformed Christian I found especially valuable his emphasis on the holiness of the church and its worship as ordained by God’s holy Word and lived out in His holy presence.” - JOEL R. BEEKE, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

“In a day where many worship at the altar of pragmatism, the church is in dire need of a Biblical view of herself and her purpose. Pastor Jeff Johnson offers a concise, sobering, and eye-opening message for a generation in need of ecclesiological reformation. Johnson addresses the issues we face today, and roots them in their historical/theological context. Jeff reminds us that the deep, abiding truths of Scripture are sufficient to sustain the bride of Christ in every age.” - VODDIE BAUCHAM, JR., Pastor of Preaching, Grace Family Baptist Church, Spring TX

“I am glad to recommend this new book by Jeffery Johnson, which confronts such ignorance in a very clear and Biblical manner. The book is very brief and direct and even applicable and necessary, especially for our day. The book covers almost every aspect of what a church is and what it should and should not be doing, according to the Scriptures. It can be used by the individual pastor or Christian to learn his duty to his church, or it can be the foundation of a series of sermons to enlighten a church in these areas, or it can be used as Sunday School material or in individual classes or Bible studies. If readers say they already have such books, I would tell you I do too. But every age is different, as it seems our churches slip further and further away from Biblical truth, in the passing of time, and they lean more and more towards the use of the latest unbiblical methods and thoughts of church ministry and church life. Here is a book which deals with the modern age in which we live, and the weakness of the church and churches of our day, and without fear the author sets forth Biblical truth as to what the church of our Lord Jesus Christ needs to be today according to Scripture!” - DR. RICHARD P. BELCHER, Author of ‘A Journey in Grace’

“Every pastor of every free church in every generation has the incredible responsibility to preserve the public worship of God and continually guard it from the contamination of men’s devices and imaginations. This practical book will help them! Writing as a pastor working on the front lines every day, Jeffrey Johnson boldly confronts and questions popular contemporary worship practices, urges us to reform our worship unto the beauty of God’s awesome holiness, and exhorts us to restore prayer and preaching to their biblically-mandated prominence in our meetings. I especially recommend this to young pastors and those in seminary who someday may shepherd a church.” - DAN LUCARINI, Best-selling author of ‘Why I Left CCM: confessions of a former worship leader’ and ‘It’s Not About the Music’

“This little book of Jeffrey Johnson has a loving and exalted view of the church of Jesus Christ, but it is also aware of its tensions and imperfections as congregations having to live in a fallen world under the holy requirements of the Head of the Church. This book will help you to understand the life of the church, its duties and blessings and it will encourage you to give your years to serving and strengthening the people of God.” - GEOFF THOMAS, Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth, Wales

“With refreshing vigour and stimulating simplicity, Jeffrey Johnson gives us a sinewy outline of Scriptural principles for the nature and life of Christ’s church. It is brief enough to be a useful introduction but deep enough to prompt careful thought and promote earnest practice. This little book is a fine antidote to shallow, casual, lukewarm attitudes to God’s household, putting in place a legitimately high conception of the people of the living God working out their holy purposes in the presence of the living God.” - JEREMY WALKER, Pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley, England, coauthor of ‘A Portrait of Paul’