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The Church Member's Guide: Hardcover (James) (NS-CL)

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Product Description

This volume was once the most popular book in both the UK and the USA for instructing Christian's in their privileges and responsibilities as members of the body of Christ. Many are familiar with Calvary Press' booklet "The Duties of Church Members to their Pastors", which is simply one chapter from this invaluable book. It would be a great tool for those who teach New Member's Classes, or Discipleship Training classes.

The response to this announced publication has brought forth a very encouraging response! A valuable and challenging book for every member of Christ's Church.


John Angell James (1785-1859) was thus an evangelical leader in the important era between the death of John Wesley and the advent of C. H. Spurgeon. He trained at David Bogue’s College at Gosport, Hants, and served his entire ministry at Carrs Lane Congregational Church, Birmingham. His published works were numerous and their circulation was probably not exceeded by any other Nonconformist leader of that day.



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