The Christian's Labor and Reward (Gurnall)

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Scripture speaks much of the rewards for being a faithful servant of God. In this scarce work, the Puritan William Gurnall, author of The Christian in Complete Armour, one of the best-loved of all the writings of the Puritans, speaks of the great rewards God will give His people in heaven, and the relative few things He asks of us in return. This work has been out of print since the 17th century. The two works contained in this present volume, along with his massive treatise on The Christian in Complete Armour, comprise all the known works of Gurnall's that were ever published. 


Table of Contents: 

The Dedication 

The Introduction 

The Christ’s Labor 

The Christian’s Reward

The Application 


The Magistrate’s Portrait Drawn from the World

The Life of William Gurnall – J.C. Ryle



William Gurnall (1617–1679) pastored in the little town of Lavenham, in the English county of Suffolk. Despite his Puritan leanings, Gurnall signed the Act of Uniformity and agreed to the dictates of the Church of England. Though not ejected from his pulpit as were other non-conformists, his position was not respected on either side of the conflict. His massive treatise on spiritual warfare and two small pieces—The Christian’s Labor and Reward and The Magistrate’s Portrait Drawn from the Word— comprise all of Gurnall’s known published works.