The Children's Character Building Collection Study Guide (Gundersen)

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The eleven children’s stories known as The Children’s Character Building Collection have been enjoyed by children for the last 150 to 200 years, and have been the delight of parents who know how vivid, challenging stories can impact the lives of their children and encourage and embrace of the gospel and a close walk with God.

Now, for the first time ever, these stories have a Study Guide to accompany them, with which a parent can guide a child into deeper thinking about the contents of these rich and lively stories.

The Children’s Character Building Collection Study Guide includes questions, answers, activities, and memory verses pertaining to each of these books:

- The Bible in the Wall                  
- Godliness is Great Gain
- The Reward of Childhood Truth
- Roses and Thorns
- The Weed with an Ill Name
- The Little Medicine Carrier
- Wandering May
- Theobold the Iron-Hearted
- Little Daisy and the Swearing Class
- Tampering with Temptation
- A Little Rebel Becomes a Saint

Without question, this Study Guide will render these stories more useful and profitable to families than ever. Memory verses are cited in two English Bible versions, so families may use their preference: The ESV (English Standard Version) or KJV (The King James Version).

Not meant as a quiz or test, The Children’s Character Building Collection Study Guide is rather a tool by which parents and children can sit down together and gain maximum profit from the stories, conversing together about the key elements of the stories in a way which will be enjoyable, memorable, and spiritually profitable.