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The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales, 2 Vols. (Jones)

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Never before translated into English, these two massive volumes narrate the exciting story of the amazing spiritual transformation that affected Wales between the years 1735 and 1850. Of great value is the use the authors make of eye-witness accounts preserved in contemporary diaries, journals and letters. A truly exhilarating read!

These stimulating and enjoyable volumes narrate the exciting story of how Wales was spiritually transformed and the men whom God used to accomplish that great work. ‘The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it’ (Psa. 68:11). In this first volume, which focuses on the revivals experienced in South Wales, we meet the well-known figures of Daniel Rowland, Howell Harris, William Williams of Pantycelyn; but within these wonderful pages are portraits of many lesser-known preachers such as Griffith Jones of Llanddowror, Howell Davies, Peter Williams, and David Jones of Llan-gan.

What soon becomes evident in reading this fascinating history is the power of the Holy Spirit over congregations. From small beginnings in homes and farmhouses to great open-air gatherings of many thousands, the sermon became the foremost influence in the life of the nation. Whole neighbourhoods were turned upside-down and whole towns were subdued by the sense of God’s presence. The greatest concern of all at that time was the state of one’s soul before God.

The great value of these volumes is the way they take up the words of those most involved in these remarkable events. In journals, diaries, letters and Association minutes they describe a wide range of Christian experience – conviction, repentance, faith and assurance, joy in the Holy Spirit, witness and testimony, conflict with sin and backsliding, restoration and perseverance – all are encountered and described with transparent honesty and humility. Preachers will also greatly value the many experiences here recounted in the work of preaching the gospel – above all the ‘demonstration of the Spirit and power’.

Table of Contents:  

  Translator’s Preface vii
  Timeline xv
  Welsh Place Names xxi
  Abbreviations xxvii
1 The Moral Condition of Wales at the Beginning of Methodism 1
2 Griffith Jones, Llanddowror 29
3 The Methodist Revival in England 50
4 Daniel Rowland, Llangeitho 61
5 Howell Harris 109
6 Howell Davies 193
7 William Williams of Pantycelyn 207
8 The First Eight Years of the Revival 250
9 The Association 275
10 Some of the Early Exhorters 306
11 Howell Harris (1743-4) 357
12 Howell Harris (1745) 413
13 Howell Harris (1746) 456
14 Howell Harris (1747-8) 499
15 Howell Harris (1749-50) 529
16 The Disruption 568
17 Howell Harris after the Disruption 600
18 Peter Williams 652
19 David Jones, Llan-gan 690
20 William Davies of Neath, Dafydd Morris of Tyr-gwyn, and William Lloyd of Caeo 715
  VOLUME 2  
  Abbreviations vii
21 The Beginnings of Methodism in the Various Districts of Gwynedd 1
22 John Evans of Bala 30
23 Robert Roberts of Clynnog 48
24 Robert Jones of Rhos-lan and Robert Dafydd of Brynengan 77
25 John Roberts, Llangwm 106
26 Thomas Foulkes of Machynlleth. Daffyd Cadwaladyr, and Others 128
27 William Thomas, Pyle, and Siencyn Thomas, Penhydd 160
28 Christopher Bassett, Thomas Gray, and Edward Coslet 187
29 John Williams, Pantycelyn; John Evans, Cil-y-cwm; and Morgan Rhys 212
30 Thomas Charles, B.A., Bala 239
31 Thomas Charles, B.A., Bala (continued) 268
32 Thomas Charles, B.A., Bala (continued) 299
33 From the First Association at Watford to the Ordination (1743-1811) 343
34 The First Ordination and Its Consequences 378
35 The Clergymen Who Remained 432
36 The Clergymen Who Remained (continued) 463
37 The Clergymen Who Withdrew 494
38 Ebenezer Morris 515
39 Thomas Jones, Denbigh 575
40 Thomas Jones, Denbigh (continued) 597
41 John Elias 633
42 John Elias (continued) 681
43 Ebenezer Richard, Tregaron 754