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The Baptists, Vol. 2: Beginnings in America (Nettles)

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The nature of Baptist Identity has come to a place of critical importance in Baptist Studies. What exactly constitutes a Baptist? In Volume 1, Professor Nettles sought to answer this question through examining the lives of some of the most high profile Baptists, looking at the origins of the Baptist Church in Britain.

Here, Volume 2 tells the story of Baptist beginnings in America, and looks at the inspirational contributions of those such as Lottie Moon and Ann Judson in the growth of the Baptist Church. They shared the views of their English brethren, and were able to be instrumental in the new world in the achievement of separation of church and state.

The pioneer spirit combined with the movement of God's Spirit in the first Great Awakening to produce massive growth of Baptists in New England, the Middle Colonies particularly the South and indeed around the world.

In this delightful second volume Nettles has picked up where he left of, with another hugely informative and authoritative work, which cements his standing as a groundbreaking pioneer in Baptist history.

Table of Contents:

Section 1. Let Freedom Roll Down: Baptists Develop a Theology of Religious Liberty

1. Religious Liberty and the Baptists of England

2. Roger Williams and John Clarke

3. Isaac Backus and John Leland

Section 2. The Influence of Associations: Philadelphia, Charleston, Sandy Creek

4. Oliver Hart

5. John Gano

6. Richard Furman

7. Shubal Stearns and the Separate Baptist Tradition

Section 3. The Challenge of Denominationalism and a World-Wide Mission

Introduction to Division 1: Mission Provokes Unity and Division

8. Ann Judson

9. Anti-Mission Society Movement

Introduction to Division 2: The South Divides and Unites

10. Basil Manly: Fire from Light

11. John Albert Broadus

12. E. T. Winkler

13. Lottie Moon

Introduction to Division 3: The International Impact

14. Robert and James Haldane

15. Gerhard Oncken 



Tom Nettles is Professor of Historical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.