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The Baptism Debate (Coppes)

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Providence Presbyterian Church Press

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Leonard J. Coppes is a former Baptist who now pastors a Presbyterian congregation. In this book, he addresses the issue of the proper mode and recipients of baptism. He refutes what he sees as some of the major Baptist arguments in the debate, and presents the biblical data that led him to the Reformed position on baptism.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

Part One: The Mode of Baptism

2. Baptism: Immersion, Sprinkling, and Pouring

Part Two: The Subjects of Baptism

3. Infant Baptism: The Baptist Argument Against Infant Baptism

4. Infant Baptism: Important Biblical-Theological Considerations

5. Infant Baptism: General Considerations

6. Infant Baptism: The Love of God

7. Infant Baptism: The Significance of Baptism

8. Infant Baptism: The Covenant of Grace

9. Infant Baptism: The Promise of God

10. Infant Baptism: The Family, Household, and Kingdom of God

11. Infant Baptism: Biblical Anthropology



“This book…puts together a formidable array of arguments to show the Baptist position to have no real foundation in scripture, and to support the position of the historic Church.” – G.I. Williamson