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The Banished Minister (Dickson)

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Thomas Hog (1628-1692), was a faithful Covenanter Minister in the north of Scotland, who served the Lord in times of persecution. His is the story of  what the power and grace of God can accomplish through a weak earthen vessel and is an encouragement to others to be ‘faithful unto death.’ His story also displays God’s faithfulness to those who honor Him in times of compromise and betrayal.

Deposed with other Ministers in 1661, he continued to labor, despite fines and imprisonments, in declaring the Truth of God revealed. There has not been much written on Thomas Hog, and this is customary for God’s faithful servants - ignored by world and church. This biography redresses that neglect. What matters in the end, for Thomas Hog and for other loyal subjects of King Christ, is that he had a reputation in heaven, and joined that cloud of witnesses who suffered reproach on earth for Christ’s Crown and Covenant.