The Ascension: The Shout of a King (Prime)

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Many Christians overlook that the Ascension was as much an act of God's power as the Resurrection. We need to take time to meditate on the work of Christ, in order to appreciate the full consequences of the great things He has done for us. Before the Ascension it was the Lord Jesus Christ who proclaimed the message of salvation. After the Ascension, Jesus' representatives were to do the same in the interest of God's kingdom. The Shout of a King was the experience of the people of Israel in Numbers 23:21. When they appreciated this truth and lived accordingly, they were spiritually healthy and able to serve Him; but when they took their eyes off their King, they soon failed, bringing both dishonor to God and disaster to themselves.

In The Shout of a King Derek Prime argues that if we neglect our Savior’s Ascension and continuing work, we risk losing sight of His unique and central place in the life of the Church. The Christian’s hope will only remain vital and alive as we fix our eyes upon the ascended Lord Jesus alone. The Holy Spirit can enlighten us in our understanding of the Scriptures so that we appreciate all that God has freely given us in His Son's Ascension and continuing work on our behalf.

If the death of Jesus determines how we as Christians should live, so should His Ascensions.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Shout of a King
  2. Promises and Anticipations of the Ascension
  3. The Ascension and Its Proclamation of Jesus' Identity
  4. A Sign of Completion
  5. The Man in Glory
  6. Priest, Intercessor and Advocate
  7. The Giver of the Spirit
  8. The Great Shepherd of the Sheep
  9. His People's Captain
  10. The Head of the Church
  11. King and Governor
  12. Preparing a Place
  13. Waiting
  14. Cause of our Failures and Secret of our Successes



Rev. Derek J. Prime, M.A., S.Th., born in 1931, was converted to Christ in his early teens. His desire to preach the gospel was encouraged and confirmed soon after that, and he has served two churches as pastor – Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church, West Norwood, London, for twelve years and Charlotte Baptist Chapel, Edinburgh, for eighteen (1969-1987). While at Lansdowne, he was President of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (1966). Since 1987 he has given his time to writing and an itinerant ministry.